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Christine Wagner has the enthusiasm and capacity to help individuals and groups use their talents and strengths to achieve desired results. When people optimize their individual capability during change, their organizations become great because of it. Christine uses her speaking, consulting and facilitating expertise to inspire and bring about sustainable results.

Christine visualizes connections — selecting system tools to help people identify and use their strengths to attain their highest goals. Earning a master’s degree and completing all coursework toward a doctorate in adult learning and workforce development provided her foundation for helping businesses and schools move forward in changing times. This breadth of experience has included working with teams creating and evaluating workforce development systems in Jamaica, Mongolia, Barbados and Nigeria. Christine’s work is a synthesis of philosophical models of transition and change. It is grounded in the scientific approaches of thought leaders in the fields of change and systems thinking, resilience, emotion, and neuroscience.

Christine is fascinated by the workings of the brain and holds two levels of certification in whole brain thinking through Herrmann International. She has used her training to develop courses and teach MBA students and their mentors. She also served as a consultant in the design of a national mentoring program for the direct sales company, Thirty-One Gifts.

Christine is the author of the forthcoming book Power2Thrive: The Power of Mentoring through the Voices of Women and Girls.  She believes in the power of young people to change the world, and in the responsibility of adults who are meaningfully engaged as mentors to help develop future leaders. She is the creator of Power2Thrive, a program that links girls and women in mentoring relationships. After delivering a TEDx talk on natural mentoring, Christine became a volunteer with TEDx Albuquerque.


Christine is a highly qualified professional. She has worked at many educational levels, both domestically and internationally. She is an excellent presenter and facilitator of workshops, and is particularly passionate about helping young women reach their highest potential. I had the opportunity to work with Tina many times in the USA and in several other countries. She is one of the very best consultants I have ever had the pleasure of working with. You can always count on her to do an outstanding job.  – Robert E. Norton

Christine Wagner understands and values the vital role that mentors play in the lives of girls and young women. Although so many of tomorrow’s women find themselves without the support they need to thrive, the women who are naturally in their lives—aunts, teachers, parents’ friends—are too often unaware of the power they have to help. Christine reveals the capacity within each of us to engage with and support the young people in our lives as they strive to succeed.   –TEDx-Albuquerque, Published Jan 14, 2014

I love the idea [of a natural mentoring program], and quite honestly, I wish that a program like this were available to me when I was younger. I see the value of natural mentors to young girls and it almost makes me wonder why I never reached out to my own natural mentors after my older sister was killed when I was 13. Then again, it makes me wonder even more why my natural mentors didn’t reach out to me! I lost the one natural mentor that I was closest to-the one I was influenced by, the one I looked up to. And when that happened, I went from being popular to being anti-social because I didn’t know how to cope. I went from being very confident in myself to not believing I had any self-worth. I went from being extremely healthy and active to battling two eating disorders for over a decade.

 I believe that what you do makes a difference, and it makes me so happy to see your passion!   – Krystle

The Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails is pleased to endorse the work of Power2Thrive. Girl Scouts has a 101 year old history of ‘Building Girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character Who Make the World a Better Place.’

Power2Thrive aligns with both our vision of building up girls, and our commitment to being a leadership organization for women. Christine has provided our leaders with some exceptional workshops on communication and dealing with change that were described as ‘eye opening’ and ‘life changing’ workshops. Girl Scouts focus on women becoming strong, independent women and expert communicators who understand and respond to the challenges in their community. This aligns beautifully with Christine’s focus on whole-brain thinking and natural mentoring.  – Angela Sayler, MVP Project Manager/Training & Recognitions, Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails

I attended Christine’s workshop in Alpena, MI regarding Whole Brain Thinking. Christine was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and generous. She encouraged this huge room of women to participate and managed to teach and engage the entire group.  – Julia McLemore, Artist / Owner – Green Ink Gallery

Thank you for taking the time to listen as I shared my life journey with you.  It is not often that we encounter people who are willing to walk with you.  I want to thank you for making this part of the MBA journey a safe one, which in turn has opened the doors to many possibilities.  I have enjoyed your enthusiasm and the authenticity with which you shared your passion for learning.  – Jo

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