Christine Wagner Consulting is deeply committed to encourage and support women and girls.

We are pleased to offer Power2Thrive, a program that equips women with knowledge and tools to optimally engage with and support the younger women and girls in their lives.

What is Natural Mentoring?

Natural mentoring is the capacity within each of us to engage with and support the young people in our lives as they strive to reach their highest potential.  Those who sustain an active relationship with a young person who is already in their life are natural mentors – part of a team of caring adults that research has shown young people need in order to thrive.

Although many young women find themselves without the necessary support, the adults who are naturally in their lives—colleagues, relatives, teachers, coaches, parents’ friends—are too often unaware of their own power to help.

Power2Thrive: A Space to Flourish

Power2Thrive is a progressive three-phased program of workshops and experiences for women Natural Mentors and the girls in their lives. Its purpose is to reveal the women’s capacity to engage with and support girls to know themselves, unleash their authentic leadership potential and thrive. The program is designed to build self-awareness and equip Natural Mentors with skills, methods and experiences to empower themselves and the young women in their lives.

The workshops below are designed for tailoring to your organization or field for professional development and train-the-trainer opportunities. We partner with you to tailor the timing and content of workshop activities so the natural mentoring program meets the unique needs of your organization and its people.

Coming soon: Online train-the-trainer program of study for potential facilitators of Power2Thrive workshops in collaboration with the Sedona Women’s Institute.

There is no clear roadmap to adulthood for an adolescent girl today. Often bullied and lacking self-esteem, she may be frightened of the doors opening to her. At the same time, she is on the brink of her own brilliance.

Our close relationships with adolescent girls can teach them to see themselves in the most positive light, as they find and speak their voice, as they identify their talents and gifts, as they determine how to use them for good.

The time is now to share the wisdom of our life journeys. Today’s women are creating a life roadmap not only for ourselves, but for the girls who will soon become the leaders of the future.

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Reaching Out to All Women:

Power2Thrive: The Power of Mentoring through the Voices of Women and Girls

Are you, or have you been mentored? Are you, or have you been a mentor? Will you tell your story?

More than ever before, women and girls are called upon to bring out the best in each other.

We know there are mentoring stories in the hearts of many stories of women who influence, inspire, love and guide younger women and girls.

  • These women see strength because they are strong.
  • They recognize the capacity for leadership because they are leaders.
  • They inspire self-awareness because they value self-knowledge.

Please help me tell these stories. Your stories.

In the next few months, I will listen to as many mentoring stories as possible, stories like that of Beth Sanders, whose company LifeBio captures the life events and stories of people everywhere.

Beth experienced a profound mentoring relationship with her grandmother. Near the end of her grandmother’s life, Beth wrote out some questions and interviewed her grandmother, capturing her responses in writing so Beth could tell her grandmother’s life story to her own children and grandchildren. Beth has made her life’s work capturing LifeBios – life stories in audio and video formats.

My goal is a book that will tell stories like Beth’s – stories of real women, real girls – and introduce the power of two to thrive (Power2Thrive) through a concept called natural mentoring.

If you have a mentoring story you’re willing to share, please contact me at christinegwagner@gmail.com.

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