Individual & Team Development

Change is constant and the rate of change continues to accelerate. It affects all people’s lives and can offer exciting openings to a brighter future—or it can diminish and bewilder.

Christine Wagner Consulting offers an array of tools that assist clients to move beyond fear and to accept the invitation of change as an invigorating opportunity for growth. We support clients to become proactive and intentional in utilizing change to shape their personal and professional lives.

Christine Wagner Consulting services enable work groups in changing environments to maximize their collaborative work.

We offer strategic planning sessions and tailor our team activities to the unique and specific needs of corporate clients.

Christine Wagner Consulting uses a whole-brain approach to facilitate individuals and teams to communicate and work together effectively.

We believe a thorough understanding of thinking preferences is the foundation to optimal personal and interpersonal development. Individual thinking styles influence communication, teamwork, leadership, interpersonal relationships, creativity, and problem solving.

The application of  whole brain thinking positively impacts the individual, pairs who interact closely and frequently, work groups and teams, and ultimately, entire organizations.

As a Certified Level 2 HBDI Practitioner, Christine administers and de-briefs the 120-question HBDI assessment. This assessment evaluates and describes the degree of preference individuals have for thinking in each of the four brain quadrants.

Individual Development Workshops

  • Whole-brain thinking
  • Strengths Identification
  • Values Identification
  • Intentional Transitioning
  • Personal and Professional Development Planning

Team Development Workshops

  • Team Structure and Composition
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Team Communication

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